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Harrar Coffee

One of the world’s most prized coffees, Harrar has a medium to light acidity, full body with typical mocha flavor and a winey aftertaste. Of the two varieties, Short Berry and Long Berry, the latter is considered the most desirable. All Harrar is dry processed and the beans are slightly yellowish green.
Region: Famed the world over for its distinctive blueberry mocha flavour, Harrar coffee fetches some of the highest prices for unwashed coffee in the world market. A good proportion of the crop goes to the Middle East and Japan.

The distinctive ‘long berry’ bean shape is increasingly hard to find, but the cup remains consistently excellent. Coffee in Harrar is not washed due to a marked lack of water resources and the fact that the sundried coffee already fetches significant premiums due to its exceptional cup characteristics.
Distance from Addis by car up to 6 hours (450 kms west Harrar) 8 hours (600 kms east Harrar) up to 6 hours (526 kms Harrar City) or by plane 1 hour (daily flights from Addis to Dire Dawa)

Harar Coffee Characteristics
ALTITUDE 1510-2120 m (4950-6950 ft)
CUP Medium to light acidity, full-body, strong mocha flavor with blueberry notes
HARVEST October to February
SHIPMENT February to August
EXPORTS P.A. 3’000 MT unwashed (Grade 4), 10’000 MT unwashed (Grade 5)