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Djimmah Coffee

Coffee is said to have gotten its name from the Ethiopian region of Kaffa, where this coffee is produced. Like other coffees from this region the beans produce a rather heavy bodied cup with wine-like aftertaste.
Region: The bulk of Ethiopia’s natural coffee exports come from Djimmah. Often used in blends, it commands a premium over other African unwashed Arabicas due to its clean cup and good flavour. The bulk of Djimmah coffee comes from the Illubabor region which has an altitude of 1750 to 2000 m and is about 600 kms from Addis. Distance from Addis by car up to 7 hours (360 kms).

Dijmmah Coffee Features
ALTITUDE 1700-2200 m (5570-7210 ft)
CUP Good acidity, medium body with a wild fruity finish
HARVEST February to April
SHIPMENT December to March/April
EXPORTS P.A 3’000 MT unwashed (Grade 4),27’000 MT unwashed (Grade 5)